Jan 14, 2012

So this blog is now full of pictures, since i can't upload any more ^^, thats why this blog now is named "letokyofirst", and i started a new letokyo.blogspot.com :)


Jan 12, 2012

Tonight I've been hanging with Emin and Axel, watched a movie and put Blue Planet on download :) Got my 12mm black bling tunnel in and Axel his 4mm spiral ^^

Jan 11, 2012

Axel and Olle came by right after Emin left :) with Axel's new underwater camera. And he just had to show me that it function under water :P

Today, i've been home from work,. cause my throat hurts. So to come up with something to do, i wandered around my apartment and found my Pink Floyd t-shirt (that i never used),. not looking very nice at all.. so i cut it into a tank top instead., MUCH better :D

Jan 10, 2012

Here we go again! :D the black ones are for Axel's girl, she's going for 20mm in both ears :) When I reach 14mm, i will not go any bigger. But first up to 12mm. Axel have reached 3mm, soon to be 5mm i hope ^^ he's doing the right thing,. going sloooow!

Tonight, Tess came over to just hang and see my place :) we drank the detox mix that i've been drinking all day.. actually not bad at all, phew.

Finally manage to get my bike that has been in town for the last week :) on my way back i stopped by my brother, and now Isak is showing me Starwars the old republic ^^ He's telling me everything he can do with his character hehe, to cute! :)

Jan 9, 2012

When I had coffee with Tess yesterday she mention a cleansing detox method for me, I've heard of it before but never thought of doing it, until now :) Today I went grocery shopping for the ingredients.. maple syrup, lemon juice and cayennepepper. You mix it with water 6-12 times a day, every time you're hungry for 10 days. No food what so ever. It will apparently clean out everything bad in my system :)

Jan 8, 2012

6 people stuck in front of the tv.. the BBC Documentarys is always on, even at this hour,. 03:35 <3 this night we're watching the frozen planet :)

Today i went to town to meet Tess who is home from Lebanon :) we had a coffee with her mom and just talked. Miss her a whole lot. Maybe i'll take a trip to see her this summer! <3

Now i'm at Joel's place, to have some dinner and watch a movie, later meet up Tess again :)

Jan 6, 2012

Time for some breakfast with Joel :) mmm!

Jan 5, 2012

Robin had a moment over for other things than work today ^^ This is a leaf btw.. :P

Jan 4, 2012

Fantastic :D done, done and done. Went pretty fast, only one day -nice! Maybe ill go for 12mm next ^^ .. me and Axel is ordering new ones tomorrow hihah. I ordered a 8mm with black stones, why? i dont know.. it's not like i can use it now.. hm.. will order one exactly the same but in 12 next time i think :)

Jan 3, 2012

Q & DB

Good morning ppl :)
I'm still in my bed, woke up 45min ago and are still here, had my laundry appointment at 12, but had no detergent home,. bah. But now it's time to make this day count, hit the gym, put in my new 10mm tunnel, eat some breakfast blahblah.

Mine and Axel's stretching spirals and jewelry arrived from the UK today! :) I'm going from 8mm to 10mm, Axel from 3mm to 10mm. I will be at 10mm tomorrow haha,. maybe tonight, hey ho, let's go! ^^

Jan 1, 2012

January, a new year have began and it feels epic, had a calm evening yesterday, watched Planet Earth with Alexander and Emin <3 Perfect eve :D

At work now, Alexander, Nicolina and Jacob is also here, thank god. Nico brought me lunch and i brought desert,. sort of. Great team :)

Illuminaaaaaati..... :P

Dec 31, 2011

Last day this year, and i'm at work >< what a f*cking disaster. But Alexander is here to, so it doesn't totally suck hehe. Got my shank boots on me today, long time since I used them, they rock.
Tonight my plans are,. hm don't know for sure yet, we'll see! Got several things I can do and haven't really decided.. ^^ New year for me isn't a big deal, and so it seems to be for a lot of my friends :) Maybe i'll stop by my parents to eat some good food before I head to my destination for this evening.

At home with the boys chillin' like a chinchilla :) Watching the movie Rango for the third time :P and drinking a white russian hehe. I even got my cozy "slippers" on. Last day of 2011 tomorrow,. this year have gone by so fast, holy shit.

Just finished my lunch, had my chicken sallad at our usual place :) Michel had a boring black coffee. Now we're heading down to look around in some stores, continue shopping in other words hehe :)
Later, buy some Kahlua for tomorrow, so I can do my lovely White Russian all night <3

Dec 30, 2011

Shopping with Markus all day, found a pair of shorts, some shirts, underwear, a jacket and earrings :) Markus bought jeans and 4 shirts. Afterwards I met up Michel to have dinner and now we're at my place watching a movie.

Dec 29, 2011

Yey! Finally i got my classic Casio gold watch on my arm :) for so long now i've been wanting one, then i saw that Joel had one,. and got kinda jealous that he had "my" watch hehe. So I just bought one last week -nice :D

Dec 28, 2011

Me and Alexander have been watching this heaven of cuteness movie on youtube now for the last 15 minutes hehe, to darn cute.. I want to get me an owl of my own, #powerful

Dec 27, 2011

Michel and me on our way,. me to work and M to town,. bah! Ah well, had my day off yesterday. Watched this owl movie last night and it blew me away, i now love it. So well done <3

Slept in today, then went into town and met up my brother and did some shopping. Clothes for him and a piece of jewelry for me. After that, we ate some thai food :) yumyum