Nov 22, 2010

Strawberry Kanji's 漢字のいちご

Free day tomorrow, that's so nice. They have a lot of "holidays" here.. i guess, because they work all the time they need to have these random "1 day holidays" so be able to live over 50 ^^. I don't mind at all! (= 

Yesterday i did a few flashcards of my own, i bought this empty flashcards in shape of a strawberry hehe. Very good to have on the train.. memorize the kanji's. In 5 weeks i have learned over 100 kanji's and a lot of combinations with them.. crazy. 

冬のくちどけ ホワイト
Yesterday i saw that they have released a winter edition pocky (= White chocolate on a chocolate stick.. it was good ! ^ô^

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