Nov 14, 2010



So yesterday i ate my first yakiniku since i got here this time (= and it was SO good. Best protein rich food there is i think.. Yakiniku means "grilled meat", the cool thing is that you cook it yourself, by your table that has a mini grill in the middle. So on the menu there's just a lot of pictures of raw meat ^^

This is half of our dinner, think we tried everything on the menu (^^,') Love meat, what can i say? I think i know some of the parts we ate,. the round thin pieces in the middle is tounge, and i know we had cow heart, but it's not in this picture. Had some chicken in melted cheese and some garlic meat but i have no idea where on the cow it was from.. and i'm really OK with NOT knowing hehe.. it tastes to good to even care.. I think this can turn any vegetarian into consideration of throwing that vegetarian bullshit away.. no hard feelings O.o ..but meat ftw!

Had a fresh pressed kiwi drink,. or two.. best drinks i've ever had.. think there was a whole kiwi in it since it was filled with kiwi chunks ♥ *mm*

Yepp, even got a gum after we were finished eating, love those small gestures (= A really good friday night! Hope you did something fun to people! 

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