Dec 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas my beloved readers!

I hope you'll get a wonerful christmas with lots of love, good food and ofcourse presents!

I have to say, when i was a little girl, the presents was the BIG exhitement of the day,. but now days, the food and to give my carefully thought out presents to everyone is what gives me most joy during this day.

As some of you know, my flight back to Sweden didn't go as planned.. I got stuck in Paris over the night and 2 of my flights to Stockholm got cancelled. My bagage got lost in the chaos and i still haven't got it back.. but i know for a fact it's at Arlanda airport in Stockholm right now. But they have'nt got down to sending it to me yet.. *mumble* - All my clothes, skin products, hair products, flattening iron, shoes, christmas presents and school books. Everything i need.. sucks a lot \'=

Right now here in Sweden it's chaos because of the snow. Where i live in Kalmar, they warn everyone to even get out on the roads today. We are heading to Öland, an island next to the coast here. And it's not sure we'll even get there. Crazy much snow!

Ah well, sorry for the poor update, just have been busy busy with meeting all my friends and family,. and whining on Air France ^^


(^^, )v

//Your Penny

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