Jan 26, 2011


I'm moving the 12th of February,. cool ^^, Will be close to school, i can even bike there (=

Will not be so close to Harajuku and Shibuya, but it's only 25 min away so that feels good even though i will not be able to go there in 5 min like now.

Away from all the cool people, but i'm sure i will still go there in the weekens ^^ Where else? 

I will be living right next to Ueno Zoo and Ueno Park so that's kinda cool, and the sakura blossom is insane there, best park for seeing the blossom. Me and Julia having our afternoon dinner under the sakura trees this march/april hihi.

It's an amazing apartment on the 10th floor in a new building with the view over the park and the lake. Charing it with a japanese girl and i think it's going to be really nice! Me and Julia went there today to see it,. i have big windows in my room and the girl even has a little chihuahua ^o^'


Anonymous said...

Hej sis, så du bestämde dig för att flytta iaf? Att du ska bo tillsammans med en japansk tjej kan ju bli riktigt kul. Du lär ju prata flytande japanska sen ;)

Penny said...

Yes, nu flyttar jag nästa helg,. SÅ skönt! Mjo,. hon kommer nästan aldrig vara hemma,. det är det som gör det så nice haha ^^