Feb 2, 2011

Cirque Du Soleil - ZED

I found something i really want to go and see..

More cool movies here: http://www.zed.co.jp/video_gallery/index_en.php

Fantastic is what i would choose for a proper word to describe this show. Beautiful and cool, i have to see it!

The show follows the journey of a character who ultimately brings two completely opposing worlds, heaven and earth, together in reconciliation and harmony. This dramatic production will feature a colourful array of unique and lively characters in vibrant costumes for a truly dynamic performance. 

Writer and Director:

Guy François Girard
Francois Girard is a new and powerful director known for his boldest stage composition in operas and plays. As a movie director, he has also won many awards for "The Red Violin" (released in Japan in April 1999) and a number of other titles. "Silk," his latest work, took place and is scheduled for release in Japan as the Tokyo International Film Festival closing film. The encounter between the multi-talented Girard and Cirque du Soleilwill lead to an unprecedented fascinating show throughout the world.

It only shows here in Tokyo so this is once in a lifetime chance to see something like this. It's not a regular boring circus, it's art and a cool one if you ask me. Link, Isak, family - you should have been here,. would have been nice to go and see it together (= I will talk with Julia tomorrow, i bet she wants to go to xD *yey*


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