Mar 11, 2011



I'm sure you all already heard about it.. a BIG earthquake hit Japan today, around 15:00 local time. 8.8 on the richter magnitude scale. I was in school and it was a bit scary. We had to hide under the desks and then everyone had to go out from the building to a park nearby. After about 25 min, the next one came.. 7.9 on the richter scale. Were we were, it was 6.0. Saw this house on our way back to school after 1½ hour outside..

The kids from the school next to the park came out and had the earthquake pillows on their head. They have to put those on if something falls on their head. 

Now it's going to be smaller earthquakes until tomorrow,. it's already been 35 since the big ones. One every 10 minutes now. When i got home, it was chaos.. the elevator didn't work, so had to walk up 10 floors -gah! Inside our apartment it was crazy.. everything was on the floor and furnitures had moved around. So have been cleaning up that mess for an hour. The dog had somehow ended up outside at the balcony.. weird O.o

Right now.. A total of 68 people have died, and 3 were in Tokyo.. the number is still increasing though. The tsunami was 10 meters and have destroyed a lot in it's way. There's fires a little all over.. and the trains aren't moving. JR is not going to have their trains in operation until tomorrow.

A swedish guy in my shool were at Akihabara station when it happened, took a photo of when a water pipe broke in the sealing.. crazy.. 

Yuki, my roommate came home and said that this is the biggest earthquake she's ever felt. On my way home i biked passed Ueno station,. people everywhere.. chaos.


エミリー❤ said...

this is just crazy. I've been watching NHK & CNN for the past two days. japan is my favorite country in the world, even more than my own! i'm glad you are okay! but I am so heart broken for the people who are not ): what a crazy experience it must have been.

Penny said...

Omg, yes it's crazy here.. everyone acts different and you can just feel the weirdness in the air.. (><) Many people are canceling there flights to Japan.. it's just sad..