Mar 3, 2011

Shakey's Pizza!

Tjabba! Soon i will lay down in my bed and watch a Studio Ghibli movie,. i don't know which one yet, i just know i want to see one. Saw Howl's Moving Castle a couple of days ago (= 
Just talked with Link on Skype, and was waiting for my dear mother to come online,. since we had a skype-date tonight ^^ but still no mom!? Ah, well, guess she aren't the best to deal with a computer hehe. 

Tomorrow it's friday and after school me and a couple from my class will go to Shibuya and Shakey's (シェーキーズ), having pizza buffet! so darn good :D Looking forward to it already.. do you remember the desert pizza i showed you from Shakey's?.. Well, if not.. here it is.. nice huh (*O.^*) 

On Saturday me and Julia is going to Shinagawa and the Shinagawa Prince Hotel ,. to again.. eat food ^o^ Julia had seen on TV that they have one of the best buffet in Japan and she wanted to take me there (= *yey* Afterwards we're heading to Shibuya for some shopping! 

SO wanting it to be weekend now (=

〜 Peace! 〜

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