Mar 12, 2011

Tokyo, Tokyo, Tokyo..

Hey guys!

I'm waking up to a sunny Tokyo and the feeling is weird, aside from the after chocks that still is coming every 5 min or so, everything just feels different. It was a weird day yesterday. Here in central Tokyo i don't think it's that bad. But not far from here it really is.. >.< 

Last night after i came home, i felt bad leaving Julia, Charlie and everyone else in school, so i biked over there and drank some sour's and had ramen that the teachers had bought for everyone. Ended up a little drunk and held a swedish lesson.. hm.. who doesn't want to learn Swedish? Well,. think we laughed trough it.. but still we all felt that everything was fucked up out there.. watched the news and it was back to feeling the weirdness and the seriousness in all this. 

Right now, i'm taking by bike to Ueno and meeting up Fredrik on Starbucks.. We had plans going to Tokyo Tower today to see the Dinosaur Exhibition that is going to be there for a couple of month, today was the opening. Now, i think they have cancelled it.

TTYL people..

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