Apr 7, 2011


Hey hey hey,. i know, i suck at updating my blog right now.. sorry for that /= It's just that i'm home in Sweden, and have a lot to do! .. um.. maybe not.. ok, to tell the truth.. i lvl'ing a Druid in the online game World of Warcraft ^o^ I'm such a geek right now, but it's so nice to just relax a little bit heh.. after everything that's going on around me.. or should i say.. inside my head. It's overloaded with questions about everything with Tokyo.. "going back or not?" "in that case, when?" "cancel my flight back or rebook it?" "stay in Tokyo or just go there to pick up my stuff?" ... okok you get it.. just BLAAAAAHHH!!! That's all i want to say on all of this! Yep.

When i'm not playing my game,. i spend time with my parents and my family <3 and trying to meet my friends. Right now, i'm sick.. had 39.5°C yesterday and had no chance of even walking straight. Today it's better though. 

Last Saturday, we we're and celebrated Stina's birthday, my brothers girl, mother to my godson Isak. Today is her actual b-day so just wanted to say.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY STINA! You are such a freakin' cool mom ;D Love ya.

Stina with Isak who's trying on Link's shoes ^o^

Still a little big for him.. But he's so cool! xD

SO, my school have decided to move the start date for our next semester to May 2'nd, that feels nice, so i have a little more time to see how things are developing in Japan with all the radiation and sh*t. Don't want to pop out a kid in five years that have 17 toes or one eye..

Will probably go back in the end of April, so then you will see nice pics with my new camera *yey!*

This friday i will go to Link, to visit him again and celebrate his birthday on Tuesday! (=


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