May 30, 2011

Last of Tokyo

Today,. my last day in Tokyo.

It's been a great day, but still had some sad moments.. The thoughts have been, "this is the last time i might see this, sit here, eat this,. etc" And i have made movies in my mind of everything around me, tried to capture the feeling of it (=

I started to pack all my things this morning.. and that was to much.. so had to throw away 2 pairs of shoes and 1 par of boots. Clothes.. lots and lots of clothes. That doesn't make this already boring packing thing better. Two weeks ago i sent 2 BIG boxes with clothes, shoes and some other things back to Sweden.. cost me a minor fortune right there. One thing i regret is that i sent my Acne - pistol boots in one of the boxes.. hmm should have taken them with me now.

After cleaning my room i went to my sushi place, got a little extra from the old man who thinks it's funny that i eat sushi 6 days a week ^o^ They have the best sushi,. don't blame me for craving it every day hehe. They are very kind and always give me some extra when other costumers doesn't see. xD So if you ever come to Japan, go to Ameyoko by Ueno st, next to OIOI "Marui" in a corner,. is my sushi place (= Ta-da, you're welcome ^^,

Done eating, i'm meeting up Fredrik at Starbucks. We sit there and babble a little while then head to McDonald's for him to eat, after that to Yodobashi, where we go through the gaming floor like never before (o.O;) -AWW! Let them please open a Yodobashi in Kalmar, Sweden hehe. Maybe if the world partly explodes and Yodobashi shoots up into the atmosphere and lands in Kalmar.. then it might happen.

My plan for now.. is not to sleep, at all before my flight at 12:00 noon Japan time. Only so i can sleep the whole 10 hour flight home hehe.. that's my master plan. 

But i'm already bored.. why do you think i've written so much? ^^ 

I'm going to write a list, of things i will miss in Tokyo and things i will not miss.. will post it some day,.

AND i feel nauseas! Will NEVER stop swinging up here in my apartment.. and tonight is one of the bad nights. Just doesn't stop. Have i told you that i've been waking up by 4 earthquakes on my 4 weeks here? THAT is going to be one of the things i will NOT miss.. ^^ .. or i'm pregnant.. ? (笑)

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