May 22, 2011

Train of thought

"A silver plated numbing gum"..

From today when i was on my way to Yoyogi park and the Jamaican festival that was held there today (= It was a lot of people, a lot of "soul"-food, a lot of shopping and some live reggae music.. Worth a visit, but not a longer stay. After on my way to Harajuku and Takeshita dori.. i bought two drawings from this street artist.. amazingly weird drawings. Definitely worth those 円600 that they costed (ca. 45 SEK, 7 USD). Will maybe post a pic of them later on (=

Not really a good day when it came to my dressing train of thought ^^ But hey, it worked,. well at least i thought so before i went out..

Love those jeans. Going to become this bum who wears the same piece of clothing for.. ever.


Anonymous said...

I love the shirt!

Penny said...

TY! :D ... the blue? ^o^;