Jun 28, 2011

Spirit spins faster

Hey people (=

Everything with me is great, my training have really taken off and making my days so much more epic. To be here now, in the summer beats it all.. For example, yesterday i had the hangover of the year - ouch! But a friend forced me from my bed at 2pm, in to the city to have a coffee and a coke with her.. and we ended up to have a great time with to much laughter. It's the little things that makes your spirit spin faster ;D Just love it. 

She even got me on a pic and posted it on fb without me even noticing it.. cred to her.. think no one ever managed to to that.

I'm thinking of quitting this blog thingie.. since i'm not in Tokyo anymore and that was what this blog was all about. Hm.. still thinking of it though.. we'll see.

kk, time for me to pick up my book, then sleep. Tomorrow i'm heading to the beach! *meow*

Oh.. and btw..

Got 3 comments a few days ago.. (they're not published) from a girl (i guess).. that was absolutely not called for. So.. i guess you know who you are.. and for your information.. whatever you think you know.. you're wrong. You have to be a f*cking retard to even write such things based on NOTHING, your little shit. Come up with something that is better or even slightly close to be true. It's obvious that you are as dumb as your retarded comments.


bo said...

Hi Penny,

I've been following your blog here from the US. I especially enjoy your post on getting your hair done at the shop since I've been wanting to do something very similar :)

Have you seen http://chouzuru.blogspot.com? She often posts from Japan and from the US. Maybe you can do something similar? For me it would be interesting to see how daily life at your hometown or country is like. I like reading about life in other countries! :)

Anonymous said...

That was so wrong of me to write that to you when it turned out to be all lies from a picture. Sorry

Penny said...

Hey! I will check her blog out when i have some spare time ^^ I wrote that there isn't much happening here in Sweden, but i'm all fed up with my schedule here ;D But that's a good thing!
I will try to post something more interesting than what i have posted up until now. ^^

Anonymous.. Thank you for giving me an apology.. accepted (=