Aug 22, 2011

We're gonna save the world tonight

Ok, so last update this summer... yea, cause the summer is over. Starting school tomorrow.. hey hey hey,.. Penny in a Swedish school.. big news. Let's just hope that nothing will f*ck everything up :) with my luck,. you can never be sure. Maybe that crazy guy from Norway will bomb the nuclear plant that's near  my area. Leaving that for time and some higher power or whatever to decide hehe.

The new apartment is going to be great.. 2 weeks left, then i will be able to relax a little bit, ka-pow! need that, to enter my zen-mode again.  

My extensions are now history.. yep, they looked like the nest of a blind bird >.<! So nice to have them removed. Think i'm letting it be for some time now. Even that the "12 year old boy"-look shows more now than ever ;) -bah. Ahh well.. think i can pull it off until christmas,. then maybe i'll make it long again.

Got some new pics for you.. to show how short it really is. Sry about the baaad quality.. blame iphone's shitty camera. Will start using my Sony NEX-5 more. 

Hope everything is aaaall good with you guys :) I'm still great in Sweden land,. surprisingly, weird feeling ^^


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Adam said...

Good to hear you doing well=)you look good! keep up the bloging=)